Birds of a Feather

In one of his classes, Wayne Hackett told us a story about how Mary Burmeister insisted on the importance of paying attention to the people who come to us. In the story, Mary apparently said, if one person comes and needs a Spleen flow, and then the next person comes and needs a Spleen flow, and then the third also needs a Spleen flow – then you’d better pause and give yourself a Spleen flow. If you are attracting all those people, you must be in a real need of harmonization of your own Spleen Function Energy.

So, when during our online JSJ study, one friend suggested we explore the Liver function energy, and then my other friend enthusiastically joined him because she, too, felt she needed it, my internal antenna perked up. A week later, even my own dog showed indications that he needed Liver flow when he crawled up to me and showed me in his usual way that he’d be happy to get a JSJ treat.

Now, I definitely must get going and start with the harmonization of my Liver function energy. After all, this is no coincidence that everyone around me is asking for the Liver flow. I’ve already created the page dedicated to the Liver Function Energy on this site, so keep an eye for the upcoming updates.

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