How to Find Your One Flow

How to Find Your One Flow

My kids were quietly conferring with each other. I was lying in bed suffering an acute abdominal distress. I had already taken a painkiller but that would take twenty minutes to kick in. My son went for my big toes holding Safety Energy Locks 7. My daughter, the younger one, felt left out. She, too, wanted to place her hands and give mama JSJ

“What shall I do?” she asked her brother, careful not to disturb me. He didn’t know. So she had this idea, “Let’s use mama’s JSJ cards and pull a card.”  

“You cannot pull a card for another,” objected her brother. 

“Why not?”

With the little wits I had left from my pain and discomfort, I told them to go ahead and pull a card for me. I had no strength to listen to their bickering. 

“You see, big brother,” my daughter shuffled the JSJ cards gleefully, “mama says we can do so.”

She pulled a card and showed it to me, “How do I hold Safety Energy Lock 7, mama?”

I lost it and started laughing. Her brother had been holding my SELs 7 all along since the entire conversation began. They were both very impressed with their newly minted JSJ skills. I ended up instructing my girl on how to place her hands somewhere else since SEL 7 was already taken.

What cards we used? At the time, I was using Waltraud’s cards, though nowadays I make my own. To create your cards, just use any blank deck either in a regular or Tarot size, and write down all the flows you like and know. Take a few moments to shuffle and ask yourself, “What flow Is most beneficial for me?” Then, pull one card blindly “at random”. The flow on that card is the best for you at the moment. Don’t forget to check your pulses before and after. Be prepared to be amazed! 🙂

Happy card playing!

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