Safety Energy Locks 7 versus 22 for Abdominal Distress

If you look up Safety Energy Locks 7 and 22 in the Self Help Book II, you will find that they both aid abdominal distress, according to Mary Burmeister. But what is the difference between them? Are they interchangeable, or are there specific situations that render one more efficient than the other? 

I have used SEL 7 for low abdominal distress for many years already. Whenever I have eaten something that doesn’t go well, and I end up with symptoms similar to food intolerance or poisoning, SEL 7 has been highly effective in helping me with the symptoms.

Most recently, however, I discovered that SEL 22 helps when the discomfort occurs higher in the abdominal area. Holding SEL 22 helped me when the symptoms felt more in the stomach area – dull, persistent aching.

So, here is what I have discovered for myself. When the aching is more of the deep stomaching aching variety, SEL 22 is what helps. On the other hand, for acute lower abdominal and intestinal discomforts, one is better off by holding SEL 7.

I will leave it a challenge to my readers to verify whether this difference applies to them as well. I welcome your comments and insights on this topic.

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