Safety Energy Lock 4

With some Safety Energy Locks, I have had an “Ah-ha” moment, and with others, I continue to use them without much understanding. Perhaps, I expect too much. Or, may be, I am overlooking something.

Safety Energy Lock 4 is one of them. I can tell you many stories about it, and how I keep it open or use it to open other areas. Yet, I continue to wonder about its function and meaning.

It is really good for the eyes, especially in combination with SEL 21. If your eyes are tired, place one hand on the opposite cheek (SEL 21) and the other hand on the opposite base of the skull (SEL 4). Don’t forget to switch hands. The side of the cheek corresponds to the eye that feels the relief. You can find this sequence in Self Help Book 2 on page 19.

I also like to use SEL 4 in combination with SEL 13. Now, we have doubled the 4! In this sequence, I place one hand on the opposite SEL 4 and the other hand on the same-side SEL 13. It is the anchor step of the 10-step harmonizing sequence to open Safety Energy Lock 4 (Text 1, p.18)

And, when I am lazy, I hold my ring finger to open it in the easiest possible way.

Photo: © Can Stock Photo / buriy

The Weaving Princess, the Measuring Intelligence, the Window – all these are names for Safety Energy Lock 4 and yet I continue to find its meaning most elusive.

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