11-12-4-3 Flow

When Mary Burmeister fell ill, Jiro Murai rode the train daily to visit her in the hospital. He applied not the 14-step Supervisor flow. Neither did he use the 17-step Fatigue. Nor the secret long 23-25 Regeneration Flow.

What Jiro did was the three-step 11-12-4-3 flow, given in our Textbook 1, p. 26. My notes offer little insight as to what the flow does except to label is as all-inclusive. One thing for certain, it is difficult to apply it for self-help without modifications. My teachers usually recommended Mudra No 6 as a self-help instead.

What does the flow really do, and how is it related to Mudra No 6? Can we really place our thumb over the ring fingernail and harmonize ourselves as effectively as the three steps of the 11-12-4-3 flow?

I set off to do some research on my own. I first listened to my pulses before I started my experiment. Then, I held Mudra No 6 for 5 minutes. A quick pulse-listen showed no discernible difference from my pre-session pulses, so I held it for another ten minutes, for total of 15 minutes.

Somewhere around the tenth minute, my breathing cleared up and its quality skyrocketed. My body, the head especially, felt light and open to the circulation of air. The pulses, however, were still following the pattern from before the session.

Now, I moved to the actual steps of the 11-12-4-3 flow, with modifications, of course, to allow for self-help

Step 1

Right on Left 4 and Left on Right 9/10.

It is hard to reach SELs 9 or 10 in the back, so I used SEL 26 instead. I placed my left hand under my right arm at SEL 26. I stretched my fingers so that their tips can extend to the edge of SELs 9 and 10 on the back.

I placed the right hand on the left SEL 4 and held the position for about 5 minutes. This is the step that lead to most dramatic change in the pulses from befor and after. I felt them loud in my index fingers mostly, and now they had quieted, though not completely harmonized.

Step 2

Right on Left 11.

Now, I moved my right hand from left SEL 4 to left SEL 11 and kept the position for another 3-4 minutes.

Step 3

Left on right ring finger

Swapping hands, I placed the left hand on the Left SEL 11 and with the right hand I formed Mudra No 6.

The pulses after Steps 2 and 3 continued to be very close to those after Step 1. I think based on what I experienced, I am going to stick with the following variation of the flow.

  1. Make Mudra No 6 with both hands
  2. Left hand on Right SEL 26, Right hand on Left SEL 4
  3. Left hand on Right SEL 26, Right hand on Left 11

What do you think? What is your experience with the 11-12-4-3 flow? Have you done it on others? On yourself?

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  1. Sandra

    I find this 11-12-4-3 flow, applied to others really a joy to give and from what I perceive , a joy to receive…. however I tend to combine this flow with another flow : the 11 -12 flow.
    Sitting on one side you can do these two flows after another and not having to change from side (as practitioner). You can clear the whole neck area on both sides, which in my opinion and experience is a great relief for about everything. It is THE combination I apply when I don’t know for sure what to do. It is like ” Open Sesame” …and once the proverbal door is open and also the door of SEL 3 …the light and air can come in because SeL 4 is also opened.
    and from there, the road will show itself

    I tend to do it on myself also this way (with a minor modification by holding SEL 26 instead of 9) and it always helps me to harmonise any discomforts in the neck/shoulder area, giving me such calmness and LIGHTNESS. Just Splendid

  2. Interesting. It is a great flow, but in self-help, I found it a bit tiring to hold my 26 with the 4. Perhaps, because I was doing it sitting instead of lying down. I’ll continue researching this step. Especially since the stiffness along the neck due to overuse of the right arm makes so much sense. I spend all my days in front of the computer…

  3. Larry Scudder

    Thank you! The 11-12-4-3 flow is the that got Mary Started! There is no “secret flow”. All healing is done by our Creator!

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