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Hello everyone! There is an elegant symmetry in placing our hands consequently on both SEL 15, then SEL 25, then SEL 21, and finally on SEL 4. Can you see it? I hit upon this pattern this morning and took 20 minutes to complete it. It felt wonderful. Laughter, then stillness. Let go of all the limiting beliefs that mar your window and keep the Light obscured. Enjoy!

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11-12-4-3 Flow

When Mary Burmeister fell ill, Jiro Murai rode the train daily to visit her in the hospital. He applied not the 14-step Supervisor flow. Neither did he use the 17-step Fatigue. Nor the secret long 23-25 Regeneration Flow. What Jiro did was the three-step 11-12-4-3 flow, given in our Textbook 1, p. 26. My notes offer little insight as to what the flow does except to label is as all-inclusive. One thing for certain, it is difficult to apply it for self-help without modifications. My teachers usually recommended Mudra No 6 as a self-help instead. What does the flow really

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Safety Energy Lock 4

With some Safety Energy Locks, I have had an “Ah-ha” moment, and with others, I continue to use them without much understanding. Perhaps, I expect too much. Or, may be, I am overlooking something. Safety Energy Lock 4 is one of them. I can tell you many stories about it, and how I keep it open or use it to open other areas. Yet, I continue to wonder about its function and meaning. It is really good for the eyes, especially in combination with SEL 21. If your eyes are tired, place one hand on the opposite cheek (SEL 21)

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