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How to Find Your One Flow

How to Find Your One Flow My kids were quietly conferring with each other. I was lying in bed suffering an acute abdominal distress. I had already taken a painkiller but that would take twenty minutes to kick in. My son went for my big toes holding Safety Energy Locks 7. My daughter, the younger one, felt left out. She, too, wanted to place her hands and give mama JSJ.  “What shall I do?” she asked her brother, careful not to disturb me. He didn’t know. So she had this idea, “Let’s use mama’s JSJ cards and pull a card.”   “You cannot

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SEL 7 And the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The new year started with a great conjunction of two ancient gods. On December 21, 2020 – exactly at winter solstice, when the visible Sun reaches its far-most southern location in the sky – Jupiter and Saturn were so close together in the evening sky, that they shone as one bright star. So, what does it mean to have Jupiter/Wisdom and Saturn/Discipline blending together? Well, I feel it is a great promise of victories to come, but only if we choose to play to these gods’ strengths and not their weaknesses. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Safety Energy Lock 2 resonates

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