SEL 7 And the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn on Dec. 19,
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The new year started with a great conjunction of two ancient gods. On December 21, 2020 – exactly at winter solstice, when the visible Sun reaches its far-most southern location in the sky – Jupiter and Saturn were so close together in the evening sky, that they shone as one bright star.

So, what does it mean to have Jupiter/Wisdom and Saturn/Discipline blending together? Well, I feel it is a great promise of victories to come, but only if we choose to play to these gods’ strengths and not their weaknesses. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Safety Energy Lock 2 resonates with Wisdom and Jupiter, while Safety Energy Lock 15 is the Capricorn/Saturn point that gives us the mental discipline and structure to build. Let’s hold them together and see what happens!

One way is to place our left hand on Left SEL 15 and the right hand on the Right SEL 2. Or, we can place our right hand on the Right SEL 15 and the left hand on the Left SEL 2. By doing so, we open Safety Energy Lock 7, according to Mary Burmeister. (SH2, p. 25) An unlocked SEL 7 reminds us that we are victorious and perfect just as we have always been.

As an alternative, you can place your left hand on the Right SEL 2 and the right hand on Right SEL 15. By doing so, you will be applying the harmonizing sequence for the Second Method Correction, which helps alignment issues (structures, bones, etc.), and helps with colds, flu and similar winter label symptoms. The three Method Corrections are powerful and potentially life-changing according to Jiro Murai.

Either way, holding SELs 2 and 15 together is an amazing way to get ourselves aligned with the current cosmic energies. We can begin the year in tune with the hard work waiting ahead of us and the great opportunities promised by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at winter solstice.

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