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Saturn in our lives

Saturn is the symbol of obstruction, restriction, and limitations in Western Astrology. At the time of my birth, it resided within the fourth zodiacal sign Cancer*. Being the fourth, it directly corresponds to the fourth part in the twelve-fold daily cycle, Spleen Function Energy. Now, my very first JSJ flow that I used was Spleen. Back then, I hadn’t made the connection to Cancer and Saturn yet. It was the first of three daily sequences suggested in the book The Touch of Healing (p.135) by Alice Burmeister. It worked so well that I stayed with it for years before I

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SEL 7 And the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The new year started with a great conjunction of two ancient gods. On December 21, 2020 – exactly at winter solstice, when the visible Sun reaches its far-most southern location in the sky – Jupiter and Saturn were so close together in the evening sky, that they shone as one bright star. So, what does it mean to have Jupiter/Wisdom and Saturn/Discipline blending together? Well, I feel it is a great promise of victories to come, but only if we choose to play to these gods’ strengths and not their weaknesses. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Safety Energy Lock 2 resonates

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