Saying Good-Bye

My dear friend Liz Tarpley passed away on Aug. 17 after several months of illness. Last year, Liz moved her home from Virginia to Salt Lake City where she found a warm and welcoming circle of friends and neighbors. Her health deteriorated around last Christmas from which she was unable to recover and eventually passed away on August 17, 2021.

I met Liz for the first time during the Baltimore/DC JSJ seminar in 2013 and we became friends instantaneously. Since then, we have spent countless hours plotting and planning JSJ events, having heart-to-heart conversations, and sharing moments along our spiritual journey.

In her passion for helping others, Liz supported the arts and her beloved Mason Neck Park. In the past year, Liz co-founded and served as a board director of NOVA Friends Fund, a charitable educational foundation with a mission to help NOVA students in financial need. With her characteristic integrity and quiet dignity, she also served as the foundation’s treasurer and as a mentor to students.

I feel deeply honored and grateful for having Liz as a friend. She was a generous soul who freely shared her energy, experience, and expertise with abandon and enthusiasm. I wouldn’t have accomplished half as much as I did in the past years had it not been for her unwavering and unconditional support.

It has been an honor and a great pleasure to have traveled on a journey together with Liz.

Rest In Peace, my friend!

Thank you to Cathy Henderson, a long-time friend of Liz, for allowing me to share this beautiful picture of Liz.

Have you enjoyed Liz’s dry and exquisite sense of humor? Check out the limerick she wrote for one of our JSJ study groups.

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