Of Self-Help And Blind Spots

I was going through my notes from a 5-day Seminar that Wayne Hackett gave in 2018 and I came across a curious statement. A quote from Mary Burmeister stated that Self-Help was only 74% percent as effective as getting a session from someone else. Huh? As a scientifically trained person, I immediately wondered how someone would measure this exactly. Did they conduct studies? Preferably with thousands of participants? Double-blind, placebo-controlled, etc., etc.

Science Or Metaphor

Wait, wait, I told myself, Mary was a literary-inclined person with amazing vocabulary and a penchant for symbolism. Not a person trained in the conventional sciences. So, I paused and looked at the number from a different angle. What could possibly 74 mean? And there it was – the number was 26 [safety energy locks!] away from being a complete 100.

Indeed, a few lines below in my notes, Wayne’s commentary was that Self-Help practice is vulnerable to our blind spots. I have to admit that made sense as I definitely have my favorite flows and holds. But if I found a way to get out of my blind spots, did that mean that my Self-Help was going to be as good as a session? It had to be. After all, that is how Jiro Murai healed himself.

So, how can we circumvent our blind spots? We definitely need to get out of our heads, first. And then, we need a process of flow selection that, if not completely random, at least is immune to our biases. One way is to use Waltraud Riegger-Krausse’s cards “Health Is In Your Hands”. Her cards form a comprehensive set of flows from which we can pull one at random. Those mathematically inclined can also use numeric algorithms to supply quasi-random numbers for the Safety Energy Locks. I use this latter method frequently when I am away from my cards. The best and simplest way, however, is to create our own cards.

Do It Yourself

I have a large deck of cards that I bought off the Internet. Their face is blank, their back – identical. In addition to the Trinity, Depths, SELs, and Organ Function flows, I add whatever else I wish. Being the scientist I am, I also always include a blank card to represent the “null” option. We can never know what surprises the Universe holds for us. 🙂

One thing that doesn’t work, that I have discovered, is trying to think of the flows at “random” by ourselves. I have tried it for myself and with friends and clients. People would offer me seemingly random numbers just to disclose later that it was their birthday, their favorite “lucky” number, or something of the sort. While relevant to our life story, such numbers certainly do not get us out of our blind spots!

Are you feeling adventurous today? Go ahead – pull a card from your set at random and do the flow that appears on it. Let yourself be surprised!

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