The Hi 19s, Lo 8s, And Our Teeth

When Wayne Hackett showed us how we can scan our Hi 19s and Lo 8s to help our teeth, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical. For someone with weak teeth, it felt way too easy and simple. Nevertheless, the information stuck in my head, and I was talking about it just the other night with a fellow Jin Shin Jyutsu student. When I started demonstrating how to scan the Hi 19s, I immediately hit on a sore spot on my arm, somewhere half-way to the back.

I quietly kept my hand there for a bit while we continued talking. Very soon, my breathing felt lighter, my muscles relaxed, and an overall sense of wellbeing began settling in. And then I realized – the spot I was holding corresponded directly to the sensitive upper right tooth that my dentist is currently trying to save!

So, here is the map I got from Wayne. For the upper teeth, scan the area of the High 19. For the lower teeth, scan the area of the lower 8s. Keep the side the same – for right teeth, scan the right Hi19s or 8s; for the left – go on the left.

By the way, Wayne witnessed Mary Burmeister helping someone reduce their cheek swelling due to an abscess by holding the same side SELs 21 and 15. There is a hold, I wish it to no one that they have to verify on themselves! 😉

P.S. As always, please remember that the Safety Energy Locks are about the size of our palm (3-in radius). The positions I have marked on the diagram are approximate and should be used as general guidelines and not as exact points.

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  1. Mary Shealy

    Thank you !

  2. Larry Scudder

    Thank you for this information, Tatiana! The high 19s also correspond with the 10s! Good health, safety and peace to all!

    1. Thank you, Larry! I like that – open the 10s for the abundance of wealth and health that we all need right now.
      Take care!

  3. Larry Scudder

    We can also stay in our homes as much as possible during this pandemic. We can do the self help flows while mentally and spiritually sending this work to our families, friends and neighbors. This is effective locally, interstate, internationally and universally. Jin Shin Jyutsu knows no boundaries. We are all related.

    1. Mary Shealy

      Thanks Larry, self help is what we can do for now !
      More possibilities will open soon .

      1. Larry Scudder

        It is great to hear from you Mary! I am sending some energy to you too! Be Blessed my friend!

      2. Larry Scudder

        The possibilities have been here since the beginning of time. I hope that you and you family are doing well Mary. Peace, good health and happiness to all.

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