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Yes, We Can Still Laugh!

Have you tired of politics yet? Of watching the news? Of the incessant rotation through anger, fear, and sadness? I know I am. Here is a harmonizing sequence that might help us all. Wash our hearts with laughter. We breathe in peace and relief. Step 1. Place the left hand on the left 15 and the right hand on the left 6. Miracles unfold all around us for the eyes that are able to see. Step 2. Place the right hand on the left 8. Step 3. Remove the left hand from the left 15 and place it on the

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Keep It Simple: Remember to Laugh

Remember to Laugh So, I woke up in the middle of the night with a deep aching and discomfort in the abdominal area. Nothing too dramatic, just bothersome as it kept me from falling asleep again. So, I tried this and that, turning from side to side, until I finally got fed up and decided to keep it simple. On the energetic level, things are very straightforward. If your belly aches, there is energy accumulation there and that is that. No matter whether it is this label or that label, too much food or not enough sleep, or yet another

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