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TGH Cycles Lab

Textbooks are ah so neat and thorough, but in the end, one must apply the astrological concepts. And what better way to see astrology in action and pick up practical, applied skills, than in a relaxed and friendly environment? I have designed this lab class with this purpose in mind. I use the participants charts as class examples, and we delve together into the practicalities of reading and understanding a chart. The class is very small and practically all students get a mini-reading during our class discussions. It is also an easy and affordable way to become familiar with me and what I offer in my private consultations. 

Class Topics

  • Aug. 2023, Secondary Progressions – The Universe is Fractal
  • July 2023, The Ascendant – The face you present to the world.
  • June 2023, The Moon – Where you find emotional security.
  • May 2023, The Sun – Your leadership style.
  • Feb. 2023, Capricorn-Cancer Axis
  • Jan. 2023, Saturn and Jupiter – Hard work meets opportunity
  • Dec. 2022, Mars – Your passion and drive
  • Nov. 2022, Sun versus Ascendant – What people see and know about you
  • Oct. 2022, 10th – 4th House Axis

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