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TGH Cycles Lab

Textbooks are all so neat and thorough, but in the end, you need someone to show you how to apply astrological concepts to your natal chart. The lab class provides demonstrations of how we apply astrology to specific charts. I use students’ charts for examples and demonstrations. If we have too many students and we have no time to go over each chart, I select charts that present the clearest demonstration of the current class topic.

Upcoming and Past Topics

  • Sun, Moon, and the Ascendant, May 2023
  • The Capricorn – Cancer axis, February 2023
  • Hard Work Meets Opportunity, Saturn and Jupiter, January 2023
  • Mars: Direct vs. Retrograde, December 2022 
  • Sun versus the Ascendant, November 2022
  • The 10th – 4th House axis, October 2022

Monthly Subscription Available

I offer a monthly subscription plan to people who would like to attend classes regularly.