Know Yourself Series Presents: Changes

Changes have descended upon the globe! What are you doing with them and how you meet them is up to you. You can run around scared or, you can meet them head-on with acceptance and grace. 

The Natal Chart holds the blueprints of what changes are in store for you as well as the key to how best to navigate them. Add to that JSJ self-help tailored to your individual chart, and you have the means to grow and expand without the struggle and suffering. 

In this class, I have put together seven videos that show you how the changes are coded in the natal chart. We go over the meaning of Uranus, its sign and house placement, its proximity to the chart angles and planets and what that means. Then, we move on to the 84-yr Uranian cycle and look at the current position of Uranus in the sky. Does it activate sensitive spots? What lessons and changes is it bringing to us? Where does it lead? We end with a sample reading chart reading.  

TGH Changes

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You can download the free workbook Changes that accompanies the class. It includes the information and graphics from the video presentation. 

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