Release of Limiting Beliefs

As Saturn prepares to change signs from Aquarius to Pisces on March 7, I am reminded that it stands not only for boundaries, structures, and rules but also for release. Release of what is outdated. Release of what we have outgrown. And what better way to facilitate this process than keeping Safety Energy Lock 21 open? Mary Burmeister calls it the Safety Energy Lock of “Release from Mental Bondage.” 

I like to combine SEL 21 with SEL 4, the “Measuring Intelligence” of our body. The combination is particularly good for tired eyes after a day spent sitting in front of the computer and comes directly from Mary’s Self Help Book 2, page. 19.

For those who are not familiar with the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu or the location of all Safety Energy Locks, here is how to do it. 

Left Side (helps the left eye)

Place gently your right hand over the left cheekbone and the left hand over the right side of the back of the head where there is a small skull protrusion.

Right Side (helps the right eye)

Place gently your left hand over the right cheekbone and the right hand over the left side of the back of the head where there is a small skull protrusion.

What are your favorite flows involving SEL 21? What stories of release do you have? Feel free to share. 


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  1. Nigel

    Yes, Saturn is a teacher, so we at best will use the influence to learn from, and avoid repeating, situations we didn’t respond so well to.

    SEL 4+21 is also good for dizziness, which makes sense as dizziness disturbs clarity of the senses.

    I’ve learned that 21+23 combined help to release addictions; addictions are often a reaction to a situation we avoid. This 21+23 hold is nicely expressed as “release from fear”

  2. travelersguidetohealing

    I agree – 21+23 is a great combination. If you are working with addictions, don’t forget to include SEL 13. Addictions usually stand for unproductive behavior; when that behavior is gone, one must fill in the space with productive, loving habits. This is where SEL 13 steps in. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if we don’t find something to fill our life with, the emptiness will invite relapse into unproductive behaviors again. SEL 13, being Love, will strengthen our connection to the Source and fill us with a sense of purpose and well-being.

  3. Nigel W

    Thank you, a valuable recommendation- it is so true that an addiction which has gone needs the space filling- SEL 13 & Love.

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