Kidney Function Energy and Dizziness

I don’t feel well today. A bit queasy. A bit dizzy. Whenever I close my eyes, the world behind my eyelids drifts in a clockwise way—slowly and disorienting.  

It started last night after dinner when I ate homemade Korean beef and rice. My Korean mother-in-law taught me her recipe for bulgogi, which is so delicious you can soak rocks in it, and they will be tasty. My tastes usually run toward vegetables, fruits, and complex carbs, but who could say no to bulgogi? So, I admit, I overdid it. My pulses were quite upset and chaotic by bedtime, so I ended up doing Kidney flow.

Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor Carlos Gutterres has a funny story about meat-eating in Brazil. Whenever he is invited to a barbeque party, he gives himself Kidney flow BEFORE and AFTER the party. This is because Kidney Function Energy is responsible for taking apart any animal-sourced products. Could there be a correlation between my unusual meat dinner and the dizziness plaguing me since then? I also suspect I did not drink enough water throughout the day, and I know water makes a big difference. Not to mention that Kidney is part of the water-governing 4th Depth.

Harmonizing Kidney Function Energy

You can find the anchor step for the Kidney Flow in the Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister. I followed the sequence from our Textbook 2, pages 26-27

Right Side (determined by which toe you hold)

1. Hold the right little toe with the left hand while the right hand is on the pubic bone.

2. Place the left hand on the coccyx.

3. Place the right hand on the Left SEL 14.

4. Place the right hand on the Left SEL 13.

5. Place the right hand on the left SEL 12.

I rarely do an entire sequence, but this time opening SEL 14 (nourishment and digestion) felt really good. Then SEL 13 also opened something in the chest and my breathing felt lighter. I honestly do not remember if I got as far as SEL 12.

Happy harmonizing of Kidney flow!


PS And yes, I am already feeling much better. I appreciate it when you message me well wishes, but there is no need to rush to the email boxes or the FB accounts. Funnily, I feel no dizziness when I focus on writing on my laptop. How is that for curiosity?

PPS Before I give you the wrong ideas, let me assure you that I have gone to my doctor on multiple occasions and done tests, and they haven’t discovered any underlying medical conditions. I am a great proponent of simplicity, so my list usually runs like that: did you drink enough water? What did you eat? Did you sleep well? Did you check with the doctor? Then energy work –  Yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Qigong, etc.

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  1. Marie

    So glad the kidney flow came to your rescue. A lovely reminder of that meaty connection😍. Thank you🙏

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