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Spring Cleaning

Spring is well underway, and in this transition from cold winter months to summer, it is easy to feel fatigued. Time for some spring cleansing, so I offer you a flow that harmonizes Fourth Depth – the depth most closely associated with cleansing. It helps both Bladder and Kidney Function Energy and keeps open Safety Energy Lock 23, the Controller of Our Destiny and a Cleanser Extraordinaire!   Reversing and Increasing of Fourth Depth Left Side Right Hand on Left SEL 2; Left Hand on Right High SEL 1 Right Hand on Left SEL 2; Left Hand in the area of

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8. Moon in Scorpio – Kidney Function Energy

Seeking the Truth We might enjoy beauty, harmony, and friends with Libra, but enough of that, and we start to need a bit more depth. And here, steps in the energy of Scorpio with its intense drive for seeking the truth. Scorpio has no tolerance for falsities or superficiality. It also gives us the courage to face our deepest fears and overcome them. With Scorpio, it’s truth or bust.  When un-balanced, the pursuit of truth can be very clinical and cold. We hurt people with the excusing of telling them the truth. We become single-minded in our drives to the

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Disharmony in the Body Function Energy Showing on the Face

Thursday night was our regular monthly local study group and an interesting topic came up. What can wrinkles on the face tell us about the underlying Body Function Energy? To that end, I thought I could share something I found in my notes from a 5-Day Seminar I took in 2011 with Carlos Gutterres. Don’t forget – the picture above shows only the symptoms of possible underlying disharmonies and/or stress. Even the FE corresponding to any particular type is most likely also a symptom. While we are resolving the deeper causes which usually lie within our mental attitudes, however, we

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