A Cough That Doesn’t Go Away!

When I got a respiratory bug four weeks ago, I was happy to notice it appeared very mild. No sore throat, no fever, no congestion, no aches anywhere. Just a mild dry cough. But, by the following week, matters had progressed into incessant coughing fits at night, keeping me awake. Speaking seemed to aggravate it, but sticking to clean, easily digested food helped. My usual JSJ flows did not seem to make much difference. I tried holding the ring and index fingers, the Lung and Kidney FE, to no relief.

Here are my new JSJ self-help insights in order of manifestation, starting with the deepest, closest to our mental attitudes, and ending with the coarsest, closest to our manifested physical body.

The MCV Level

MCV Universal Energy. As self-help, I rarely do MCV. I do not know why, but I always find other flows that I would rather do. I know many of you will disagree with me here on this. As done on someone else, however, MCV is my favorite, especially when done with directions. Have you experienced the MCV with directions? It’s a mind-blowing experience!

The Safety Energy Locks Level

Safety Energy Lock 21 showed up several times in my early self-help JSJ routines during this bout with the respiratory bug. I didn’t understand this choice of flow until my husband, who had caught the same bug earlier from our school-age kids, began complaining about sinus congestion. I felt no such symptoms, but perhaps they were deeper and hard to sense. It would certainly explain why the symptoms worsened at night while lying in bed.

Safety Energy Lock 15 also helped several times when eating inappropriate food worsened the cold symptoms. Chocolate appeared to be a consistent offender! :-0 Notice both SEL 21 and SEL 15 facilitate the down-the-front energy flow.

The Organ Function Level

Continuing the “down-the-front” theme, Stomach Function Energy appeared next in my JSJ self-help practice. I could not find other commonalities with the previous flows except that Stomach FE began at SEL 21 and cleared down the front.

Special Body Function Level

And the winner of all is the Skin Surface Ascending Energy! Frankly, this is my first time using it in my JSJ practice, but it has become my nightly friend. As it is hard to reach, I resisted it at first. Then, my husband took mercy on me and has been doing it on me for over a week. So, whenever he hears me cough at night, he flips in bed and holds my little toe with the instep until I settle down.

In the past, I’ve puzzled a lot over this flow. Why would it help the body warm, as Mary B. claims on page 44 of her Text 2? Now, I felt its effect directly. Warmth indeed spreads throughout my body whenever I receive that flow. With the cough subsided, I relax and easily doze into sleep.

Why would all these flows help my symptoms? And how? I have no clue. Sadly, they didn’t seem to help my husband in equal measure. So, were they unique to my own set of symptoms? I don’t know. And the more I research JSJ flows, the more I realize how much I don’t know…

Any thoughts on this mysterious Skin Surface Ascending Energy?

Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy (Left)

Hold the left little toe together with the left SEL 6 shifted toward the center of the sole.

Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy (Right)

Hold the right little toe together with the right SEL 6 shifted toward the center of the sole.

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  1. Jackie

    Great practical exploration of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Hope you feeling fully better.

  2. Louisa Coons

    hmmm….I just went to page 44 and #2 on the page says “Circulates from umbilicus through the skin, then #3 says “Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy warms body.
    So, Umbilicus FE is the thermostat for the body and the SEL 8s are the knobs on the thermostat. There is a connection to temperature since this flow circulates from the umbilicus. #4 b. ascends posterior lateral (outer) side of leg (well sounds like it goes through the 8).
    I have a handwritten note ” to warm, hold left hand on the sole of right foot with right hand on little toe. To cool, do the reverse. “when not fully inhaling you’re not fully exhaling; cause and effect.” That’s just my thought.

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