Aching hand

What do you do for aching hands? Carpal tunnel syndrome? I work long hours on my computer. Add to that cooking, cleaning, and low-impact but intense Pure Barre exercise class three times a week, and my right hand is frequently tired, stiff, and achy. Holding and opening SELs 17 or 18 have helped in the past. But when they failed to do so last week, and I could not fall asleep of the pain in my hand, I did the Diaphragm Flow.

I did not know quite why, but it certainly felt good.

Apart from being the nighttime flow governing our sleep and night-time activities, the Dia Flow is an ascending flow that governs all descending energy. It probably helped pull the energy in my hand down the back along the arm and relieve the pain.

It also ascends along the middle line of the inner arm, up the wrist, middle of the palm and forks along the middle and ring fingers. At the ring finger nail, it eventually becomes Umbilicus FE. I have a feeling, it has much to do with SEL 19. Perhaps, my SEL 19 was the culprit for all the stagnant, pain-inducing energy in my hand?

Something definitely felt stretched and wrong along the back of the middle finger line that extended down the back of my palm all the way to the elbow. And holding the Dia flow last Wednesday, eventually alleviated the pain and helped me fall asleep. Since then, I have been alternating between Dia flow and the flow to open SEL 26. Did you know SEL 26 helps all issues related to the arm?

Here is the self-help of flow for SEL 26.

SEL 26 Self Help Right Side

Form a circle by placing your right thumb over the fingernails of your right ring and little fingers. Place your left hand under the right arm in the area of right SEL 26.

Hold for 10, 15, 20 minutes, or for as long as it is comfortable. It is very easy to do in bed while lying on your right side.

SEL 26 Self Help Left Side

Form a circle by placing your left thumb over the fingernails of your left ring and little fingers. Place your right hand under the left arm in the area of left SEL 26.

Any other ideas of how Dia flow relates to finger, hand, and arm discomforts? I am open for your suggestions?

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