When confusion and chaos reign…

Did you know Safety Energy Lock 24 can help you with the rising panicky feelings when confusion and chaos reign? You can use this Safety Energy Lock 24 for the entire range spanning from physical symptoms of nausea to feelings and thoughts of confusion and chaos. If only it wasn’t that far to reach.

When SEL 24 is open, it helps us become still in body, mind, and spirit. It pulls up energy up along the leg and thus clears up feet congestion that leads to achy feet.

With SEL 24 open, you stay in the middle of the storm. Still, when everything outside might be swirling and spinning.

Do you want to try it?

For those of you flexible enough (thank you, Yoga and Pilates exercises!), you can place either hand on the outside top of your feet.

An easier way to open SEL 24 is to use SELs 26 and 15. Here is how to do it:

Left Side: Place right hand under the left underarm. Place your left hand on the left side of the groin area at SEL 15. Mirror for the right side.

The easiest way, of course, is to hold your pinky finger. It directly opens SEL 24 but also harmonizes the entire 5th Depth of which SEL 24 is one of the three locks.

But the best one? The best one is to get your significant other to hold your feet. Try it next time when the two of you are watching TV on the couch.

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