In the Natal Chart

In the natal chart, Jupiter shows the area where we are optimistic, full of faith, and open to growth. Its sign and house show where we have big plans and vision.

Jupiter – Mercury

Jupiter gives you the vision and big plans; Mercury gives you skills. With Jupiter and no Mercury, your plans implode due to a lack of substance. With Mercury but no Jupiter, you have many skills but lack direction.

Jupiter – Saturn

Jupiter is about optimism and expansion; Saturn is about solid foundations and boundaries. With Jupiter but no Saturn, processes expand until they overstretch, use up their resources, and collapse. With Saturn but no Jupiter, processes stiffen and solidify without ever growing until they turn into fossils. When both work harmoniously, you know how to spot opportunities and work hard to develop them.

Transiting Jupiter

Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the sky and provides a convenient clock for yearly growth. Whichever house Jupiter transits in your chart, you will be given opportunities for growth in the upcoming year. The sign in the house is the same for all of us and points to the mode and tone of those opportunities. Jupiter in Aries will invite us to be bold and start new projects, and Jupiter in Pisces will incline to spiritual healing.

Jupiter Return

Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to its original place and starts a new growth cycle.

Write yourself a Happy New Year card!

I like to do it every year just before the start of the New Year. I look up where Jupiter will be for the following year and write myself a Happy New Year card pointing out all the opportunities that will come my way. Then, I put it on my desk and looked at it to serve as my vision board for the year.

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