For acute discomfort, always seek help immediately: either call 911, go to the emergency room, or see your doctor as soon as you can.

Some of the situations below, I have personally experienced. Others were shared by my teachers, which in turn, I would like to share in the hope that they can help people in need.

In case of emergencies, you should always seek medical help immediately. The flows below are not given as a substitute for that help, but rather as something that you can do while waiting for help to arrive. Also, apply the flows only if that does not disturb the suffering person in any way.


Dial 911 and seek medical attention immediately. 

In the meantime, hold the little toe with the outside ankle (SEL 16) of the same foot. This is the anchor step of the SELs 16-17-18-19 harmonizing Jin Shin Jyutsu sequence.

The entire flow of  SELs 16-17-18-19 harmonizing sequence or at least its anchor step of SEL 16 + Little Toe. To minimize the symptoms and possible after effects, hold it as soon as possible (the best is within 24 hours).

Call 911!

While waiting for the paramedics to arrive: hold your left little finger. On someone else – hold left little finger + upper back between the shoulder blades (Thoracic Vertebrae 5)

Place Right hand and then Left over the bleeding area.  Note: You do not need to physically touch the wound.

Seek medical help immediately!

In the meantime, sit to the left of the person suffering from the anaphylactic shock and place Right Hand on Thoracic Verterbra No6 (TV6) while holding the center of the left palm with your Left Hand.  TV6 expands the trachea [T1, p. 39]


Every person is unique and the efficiency of the flows might vary from person to person.  You are welcome to experiment and find what helps you the best. That is what I did in many situations, anyway.

General daily situations

  • Yawning. Boost your energy by harmonizing the Spleen Function Energy
    • R.H. on R SEL 5 (or R SEL1 or Pubic bone) and L. H. on coccyx
    • L.H. on L SEL 5 (or L SEL 1 or Pubic bone) and R.H. on coccyx
  • Hickups. Harmonize Diaphragm Function Energy
    • R.H. on L SEL 14 and L.H. on R SEL 19
    • L.H. on R SEL 14 and R.H. on L SEL 19
  • Passing Gas. Harmonize Large Intestine Function Energy.
  • Coughing. Harmonize Lung Function Energy.
  • Belching. Harmonize Gall Bladder Function Energy.
  • Sneezing. Harmonize Kidney Function Energy.
    • L. H.  on Left little toe, Right Hand on pubic bone
    • R.H. and on Right little toe,  L. H on pubic bone
    • If little toes are hard to reach, or inconvenient at the time, an effective alternative is to place a finger at the base of the nose at the fleshy external end of the nasal septum (columella), that is the little fleshy column at the bottom that separates the nosdrils.
  • Sniffling. Harmonize Kidney Function Energy
  • Hold the little toe.  Disharmony of the Kidney Function Energy, which begins at the little toe,  is responsible for sneezing.

SEL 17. After a whole day working at the computer, I found myself unable to fall asleep due to strong pains in my hand, wrist and up along the arm. Holding SEL 17 with the other hand helped remove the painful symptoms within 20 minutes.

Place the thumb of each hand over the nails of the ring and little fingers on the same hand. Both hands simultaneously. (It resembles somewhat the “Victory” finger sign).  Incidentally, that is the self-help for the SEL26 harmonizing sequence. The friend who taught me this finger placement ran a marathon while holding her thumbs over the ring and little fingers.


  • I do the Mudras [T1, p.47; TH, p. 145 – 151; SH 3, p. 10 – 16]. Each one of them is a quickie for the Fatigue flow and helps me avoid fatigue associated with travel and jet lag. 
  • I’ve met people who travel long-distance frequently and recommend the SEL 10 Eye flow for jet lag [T1, p. 24].
  • A good alternative is to harmonize the 12-Organ Function Energy according to the local time of your destination. For example, if you are travelling to Singapore, and the local time in Singapore right now is 2 pm, give yourself Small Intestine. After 2 hours, give yourself Bladder, and then after another 2 hours do the Kidney Function Energy harmonizing sequence. You can continue doing so until you arrive at your destination. 
  • I place my right hand on L21 and my left hand on high R4.  I do both sides [SH2, p. 19]  The side of SEL 21 determines which eye is being helped. High SEL 4 is slightly above the regular SEL 4 where there is a small indentation.
  • Palm eyes by placing Thumbs on SEL 21 and fingers on SEL 20.
  • Hold Index Toe [see Eye Flow, T1, p. 24].

Have you ever eaten so much that you feel the food now almost backing up into your mouth? Perhaps at that all-that-you-can-eat buffet? If you feel full after a meal, here is what you can do:

Place one hand on the opposite SEL 14 (the tip of the lowest rib in the front) and the other hand on the opposite fourth toe.  

If you feel that reaching out for your fourth toe is not an attractive idea when your belly is full, then place both hands on SEL 14 – right hand on the left bottom rib tip, and left hand on the right side. Crossing the hands in such a manner is more comfortable and more efficient in clearing up discomfort.

Hold my big toes. Best to cross hands – right hand on left big toe and left hand on right big toe. Even better if I can ask someone else to hold my big toes. Spleen Function Energy harmonizing sequence is also efficient in helping  to alleviate the symptoms and to shorten the duration of the illness.


Special situations

Large Intestine Function Energy flows through the upper teeth.

My daughter fell and hit her front baby tooth against the floor. A week or so later I notice a discoloration appearing in her front tooth. I did Large Intestine flow and totally forgot about it until I noticed her tooth was no longer discolored but was back its original white color.  I was inspired by the story related in The Touch of Healing [p. 105]

A woman reached out to me and asked for a JSJ flow that could help with her swollen hands due to advanced stage of pregnancy.  Bladder FE  self-help, both sides seemed to be a good flow since Bladder Function Energy  balances the waters in the body and “Takes away our tears and fears” [TH, p. 115]. She was happy with the resulting relief, only, one night she fell asleep before she did the other side. The next morning, she found out that the hand on the side that she missed was still swollen compared to the other side. Sometimes it is better to do both sides at one sitting.

I did the anchor step of Bladder FE:  Right hand on R12 and left hand on R25 and vice versa. I did that multiple times as I cradled my baby throughout the day. The tears disappeared by the second day. For a similar  story see Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister, p. 117. 

  • I hold my Ring Finger at night while I sleep. It helps if I do begin holding it as soon as I feel the cold is settling down in my throat area. The post-nasal drip begins to irritate my throat and I find myself coughing at night from the irritation
  • Kidney Function Energy. I hold my pinkie toes, or I ask someone else for the Kidney Function Energy harmonizing sequence [T2, p. 26].