Safety Energy Lock 16

Safety Energy Lock 16 is about “breaking down of existing forms for new ones.” according to Mary Burmeister. (Self Hep Book 2, page 43) I’ve always thought it operates on the mental plane where it helps us break down thoughts, habits, and attitudes. Last week, however, I discovered that it works on a very material level, as well.

Lately, whenever I eat certain foods, I have congestion in my throat shortly after my meal. A quick search of Internet gave several possibilities, but I will spare you the labels. 🙂 One of them pointed to possible food sensitivities, which I have known to have for several years already. Nothing really bad to call for a trip to my allergist, but still. It is irritating to cough and feel your throat full of mucus every time you eat white sugary breads. And after all, it is Easter Time. Where I come from, Easter time is when you stuff yourself with all kinds of wonderful Easter Bread.

Thankfully, though puzzling, holding SEL 16 for about 20 minutes clears up all my discomforts in the throat. The search for an explanation through my notebooks came blank. Nowhere in my notes did I find any information as to how SEL 16 helps with such discomforts. The closest note was that it helped with the impetus for speaking and that it breaks down old forms. The breaking down, I guess, related to breaking down food stuff. And the impetus for speaking is related to our throat which is the seat of speech for us.

As for the harmonization, I merely held my right ankle. That ankle has been aching since last summer, when I twisted it on two different occasions. Clearly I have missed the ways my SEL 16 has been calling for help. If you wish to try a more sophisticated sequence for opening SEL 16, you can use this sequence from a blog I wrote in 2019.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and observations on the topic.

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  1. Sandra

    wow, that is an interesting story… which I surely will hold in my thoughts if needed for throat congestion ( which I recognize., though my discomfort came after covid-infection)

    my first thought to this topic is that sel 16 is also related to (opposite) sel 4. Also in the neck/throat area and being the window of consciousness it makes spraining the anckle obvious to make you “pause”,stand still literally and have the opportunity to re-evaluate things/your current life(style)

    being connected to tarot card “the tower” also makes clear that EVERYTHING can be broken down: ego and material stuff.

    whenever I need a problem solved I tend to hold sel 16 and opposite 4 for clear Vision ( on ALL levels!)

    Warm regards from the netherlands

  2. Thank you, Sandra! I had not made the connection to SEL 4 before. I am certainly going to explore this 4-16 connection now.

    And, Tarot Card 16 is my best and closest friend. Its ruler Uranus has a pronounced influence on my life (having it on my Ascendant) and currently has been shaking things from the Taurus/Large Intestine domain. All about breaking down the old …

  3. M K

    Interesting! SEL 16 is also 7, connection to the fire element, the descending fire energy is Small Intestine. When there is inflammation in the throat area, small intestine flow is recommended to help with the sore throat. SEL 16 is also related to bladder pathway and there is relationship between 12 & 16 and water element. Water will cool the fire.
    As mentioned in the previous comment, 4& 16 are also related & 4 is related to Mars, again 5th depth relationship. 16 will release 4.

    1. Marie, that is quite a bit to unpack. I must have had some blinds on the 16 right now to miss all these relationships. So, it doesn’t sound so far fetched to have 16 help with the throat, eh? I still frequently doubt myself …. 🙂

    2. Sandra Gruisen

      oh, wow….. have to let this sink in for a few minutes. I can see the connections ….
      and I think if we even hold our sels 20 we could see with the eyes of the creator and see many more connections, remembering sooooo much more to this initially sel 16 topic.

  4. sandra

    * the connection between 4 and 16 is Mars. 😁

    * sel 16 ; the first sel, born in 3rd depth ,
    sel 4 ; very important in reverse/increase 3rd
    depth -flow

    I learned to love all the tarotcards that at first seamed “scary” to me 🤣😉

    1. It still amazes me how the most profound connection is not so linear or physical but through correspondence of numbers and symbols. 4 always sounds so solid to me – the number of matter. And then 16 breaks it down to make room for new. I hear you about the scary Tarot Cards – I did astrology before Tarot so had time to make peace with the scary astrological symbols before the Tarot 🙂

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