How Do You Open SEL 9?

So, I needed to open SEL 9 and I thought to ask you, my readers, for your preferred method to do so? Do you reach out to your back to SEL 9? I was able to do so but not comfortably and not for long. Or, do you use the lo 8-16 combination as the Special Body Function 2 that serves as self-help and quickie for 9? What else do you use to open SEL 9? Please, share your experience in the form below. In return, I’ll share your answers with the rest of the readers.

Here is the quick survey. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. James (Dave) Myers

    I prefer my practitioner.

  2. Helen Kuo

    Dear Tatiana,

    I prefer to either hold SEL19s or SEL19 + SEL1 to open my SEL9.

      1. Helen


        Yes, I do high#19 + os high#1 quite often. However, I just realised that it’s not the quickie for SEL9.

        I checked my notes and found that the following self-help also open SEL 9:
        . #19s (cross hands)
        . #12/#4 + o.s. #21 (for sinus projects)
        . #16 + s.s. low #8 – Special Body Function Energy (for TMJ – Page 51 of Text II)
        . thumb – facilitate #1, 9, 16, 19, 21

        Usually my husband, who is also a JSJ practitioner, helps me open my SEL9.

  3. Sandra

    Hello Tatiana,

    I love to open my Sel 9. And I have several ways to do so. It just depends on how much time I have, if I am in the opportunity to lie down or to sit down.

    The actually anchor step for the 9 flow I can hold on myself but only on the left side. I need to lie down for this.

    a very easy quickie way is to fold my fingers around one of my thumbs ( harmonising # 9 and #19) and with the other hand I create mudras with my thumb and index-, middle-and ringfinger

    another way to open up 9 and 10 which is my favourite one, is to first apply the big hug. That is really magical ( 26 = 8 !) and after that leaving the arms crossed and placing them over my shoulders on the Sel’s 11 (and 3)

    So I am actually opening up Sel’s 8 and 11 in order to create space for Sel 9 and 10 and also harmonising – by this cross over action – the mediator.
    This flow I have figured out to be the most effective and intense way to harmonise but I need to be in no hurry or noisy environment. This is real comfy-time

    The finger-holds however I can easily do everywhere, even when waiting in line in the grocery store or in the car when driving.

    1. I just did the HUG alone and it felt good. I love the tiny sparks of lightness and release along my back. But for that, I do need to hold it for longer. Tatiana

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