Finding Joy

There is so much worry, grief, anger, and fear in the world. Instead of fighting them, let us reach inside to our Inner Star and connect with our source of joy. 

Heart Function Energy is number 5 in the 12-fold daily order. Through this number, it resonates with the Astrological Leo, the joyful, creative energy that everyone possesses. Heart is also the inhaling aspect of 5th Depth, the harmonization of which brings joy according to the principles of JSJ. 

My preference in recent years has run towards simpler flows. Here, I present you with the anchor step for the harmonization of Heart FE. 

Left Side

Place your Left hand on the left shoulder at Left SEL 11. Place your Right hand on the Left outer wrist at Left SEL 17.

Right Side

Place your Right hand on the right shoulder at Right SEL 11. Place your Left hand on the Right outer wrist at Right SEL 17

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  1. Sandra

    Thank you Tatiana for sharing FUN and joy.

    I would like to share my way of harmonizing Heart energy function. After about 10 years of exploring and applying the ART of Jsj I find myself in a new phase where i am not so “attached” to the regular following of the flows from Mary’s books but rather letting my intuition guide me along all the knowledge I have gained through the years.

    my BELOVED heartflow (selfhelp) is all about heart relations.

    I place my left hand on my physical heart and the right hand goes to the umbillicus-portal on the main central ( above pubic bone) ..there where large intestine resides (= the second brain, much involved with the immune system and inner guru and 15’s !! )

    after that I place my right hand on the top of the head, also portal on the maincentral for LEO/heart

    then, right hand goes to third eye, home/ portal on maincentral of small intestine /virgin (= truth, purity, wisdom, visionary qualities, discrimination and partner of 5th depth)

    the last step is laying my right hand on top of left hand and placing them togethter on the heartchakra i.e bladder/libra – portal on the maincentral.

    For me this feels soooo good and so uplifting, especially when I feel rundown in my energy. It really charges me.

  2. Sandra, this flow sounds lovely. Did you follow the energy and that is how you settled on it? I am going to try it on myself and report what comes out of it. Thank you for sharing!

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