Holding Fingers for Prolonged Time

I couldn’t sleep last night. And so I held my fingers, one at a time. After what felt like at least 15 min of holding my index finger, I felt warmth wash over me. I lost awareness of my body and was floating in space. I love when this happens.

It took some convincing to let go of my index finger and move on to the middle finger. I did not want to come out of the floaty pleasant state. But curiosity prevailed, so I wrapped my hand around the middle finger. Another 10-15 minutes later, I was floating again. This time, however, I retained the sense of my body boundaries. I felt no pains, aches, itchiness, or whatever restless discomforts plague me when I can not fall asleep.

I managed to move to the ring finger before I eventually fell asleep. By then, I had lost a sense of time, my body felt great, and I must have been somewhat drowsy as I had lost the awareness of experimenting with the fingers.

The night was fretful, and I woke up twice more before the morning. Yet, when the morning came, I was refreshed and energized. Was it one particular finger? Or the sequence? Now, I am curious to go further and experiment with the order of the fingers. Aren’t the attitude buster sequences in Self-Help Book 1 on pages 21 – 37 something similar?

Any thoughts? Or interesting insights to share? I am curious to hear from other extended finger-holders. 🙂

Finger-SEL Relationship

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  1. Lynn Pridmore

    Beautiful, Tatiana! My thoughts immediately went to the similarity of brain wave states! As you held each of your fingers, you slipped from alpha to theta to delta! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion with us All!

  2. go michael

    Hello have you noticed the sequence from thumb to little finger..is the sequence of the lumbar circle for the 5th depth if I am not mistaken. Holding fingers one by one and taking time with it is something of a luxury to do nowadays. Thanks for sharing your observations.

  3. travelersguidetohealing

    Hi, Michael! This is an intriguing thought.

    Which sequence did you mean? The one for worry (SH1, p.23) or the sequence for pretense (SH1, p. 37). I couldn’t fit either into the Lumbar Circle, but perhaps I am missing something.

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