SEL 9 and Its Quickies Again

While I was cross-checking the page number for SBF2 for the last Newsletter, I came across Wayne Hackett’s quickies for the SEL 9. Here is what I have in my notes:

  • Same side 19’s opens 9
  • The Thumb
  • 12/4 same side opens 9
  • Low 8 and 16 (SBF2) 
  • 9 with L8 – helps blood pressure.

Now, what on earth is L8? Does anyone have an idea? Perhaps lo 8? That combination of “9 – l8” sounds more like something to be done on someone else, not as self-help. Unless you are flexible enough to reach the 9s on yourself.

Please, let me know what you think.

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  1. M K

    SEL #9 & Low 8 – Wayne said that if Mary had few extra minutes then at the end of the session she will hold 9 & Low 8. This hold will help clear 9 as well as sacrum area and therefore will help Blood Pressure.

    For Self help one can hold 19 and the same side
    low 8.
    BTW this low 8 is not as low as our regular low 8, it is just a little lower than regular 8 or can just hold regular 8.

    1. M K

      Wayne has mentioned this hold in several different classes. I may have picked up more details in one of the other times it was discussed.

  2. Helen

    L8 – wouldn’t that be left 8 ?
    yes i love wayne too 🙂

  3. Rajendra Pal

    Low 8 is acupressure point stomach 36.

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