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SEL 9 and Its Quickies Again

While I was cross-checking the page number for SBF2 for the last Newsletter, I came across Wayne Hackett’s quickies for the SEL 9. Here is what I have in my notes: Now, what on earth is L8? Does anyone have an idea? Perhaps lo 8? That combination of “9 – l8” sounds more like something to be done on someone else, not as self-help. Unless you are flexible enough to reach the 9s on yourself. Please, let me know what you think.

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How Do You Open SEL 9 – Results

Thank you everyone who shared their favorite ways to open SEL 9. The Award of the Audience goes to my friend Dave M. for sharing that “I prefer my practitioner.” 🙂 I got the hint and got myself a three-day package with Marie K-J. It was lovely. And she did open my 9s. Nicely done Marie! Thank you also to Sandra for reminding us that the HUG (SELs 26) can open both 9 and 10 simultaneously. I was just preparing for our self-help class The One Flow and was wondering how to modify the first step of the 11-12-4-3 sequence

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