How Do You Open SEL 9 – Results

Thank you everyone who shared their favorite ways to open SEL 9.

The Award of the Audience goes to my friend Dave M. for sharing that “I prefer my practitioner.” 🙂 I got the hint and got myself a three-day package with Marie K-J. It was lovely. And she did open my 9s. Nicely done Marie!

Thank you also to Sandra for reminding us that the HUG (SELs 26) can open both 9 and 10 simultaneously. I was just preparing for our self-help class The One Flow and was wondering how to modify the first step of the 11-12-4-3 sequence (T1, 26). And I noticed that the 11-12-4-3 flow is on page 26. I love all the numeric gifts Mary Burmeister hid in her textbook. It’s like a treasure hunt!

To see a chart with the results click here. It appears that majority of the respondents hold a variation of SEL 19 and/or Thumb. The thumb was on the side of SEL 9 that we’re trying to open.

I had totally forgotten about the opposite 14 helping the 9s. Thank you to all who pointed that out to me.

If you haven’t noticed yet, but we are in the midst of planetary changes. The ending of one cycle and the beginning of new, indeed! I anticipate much work on my 9s for the immediate future. Until this new world that is being birthed right now finally takes hold into our consciousness.

Happy 9-ing!


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  1. sandra

    wow…. i agree… treasure hunting it is !!!
    hadn’t noticed that the 4-12-11-3 flow is on page 26 !! It just verifies that our intuition leads us the right way.

    Thank Tatiana for this eye opener.

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