The One Flow

Back by popular demand! After a three-year hiatus, I am reinstating this class with improvements. Come and join us for 90 minutes of exploration of the art of Self-Help.

The summer session starts on Thursday, July 7th and goes until August 11. Jump directly to registration. For more details, click here.

Keeping what worked before

The class is open-ended. I’ll bring a topic for each week and will announce in advance. We’ll start each class period with quick check in, then a short breathing exercise, and then we’ll explore the topic for the day. We’ll keep the focus on the practical – share experiences, answer questions, and come up with ways to individualize our self-help practice.

Embracing the new

The class is on JSJ self-help but we’ll integrate it with Astrology and Spiritual Laws to enhance our practice and tailor it to our individual needs. All meetings are over the Internet via Zoom, and will have access to the audio recordings afterwards.

Class fee and Scholarship

The fee for the class is $120. You get six weeks of classes, 90 min each, and unlimited access to the audio recordings.

I have one seat available that has been paid for. It is our scholarship seat! Enter your name in this form, to apply for it. For multiple applicants, I will draw one name at random and will notify you one week before the class begins.

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