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4. Moon in Cancer – Spleen Function Energy

Comforting the Senses After the invigoration of senses by the curiosity of Gemini, it is time for the comfort and security provided by Cancer, which the Moon naturally rules. Time to withdraw within the boundaries of our comfort and safety and enjoy some cozy time. The fourth aspect of the daily Function Energy is Spleen, and this is what we’ll be harmonizing for the next couple of days. Left Side Place lightly your Right hand on the coccyx, and the Left hand on one of three places: (a) the left inner ankle (Left SEL 5), (b) the left inner knee

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A Boost of Energy

A harmonious flow of the Spleen Function Energy gives us a boost of energy and hence of our immunity. It helps run-down conditions when we feel exhausted after prolonged illness or work. It lifts our spirits and brings sunshine to life.

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To Nurture and Sustain Us

With Jin Shin Jyutsu, we can care and nurture ourselves even if we live alone. Here is a flow that helps us feel cared for and nurtured, boosts our moods and immunity, and brings sunshine to our lives.

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