Bladder FE and the Lymphatic System?

I have to ask you guys, does anyone have anything in their notes on a connection between Bladder Function Energy and the Lymphatic System? I mean, beyond that, Bladder FE governs the waters in the body and helps us “wash our fears and tears away.” Anything else?

I have been feeling lethargic lately. And suffering from allergies. Last night I did Bladder in honor of the Sun entering Libra season, and when I woke up, there were no allergy symptoms and no fatigue. I also woke up early and felt refreshed and rested.

I know my lymphatic circulation has been sluggish lately and was planning to do more exercise. As soon as I finished all my other projects, of course! 😉 

Any thoughts? Share, please!

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  1. Sandra Gruisen

    From my memory I “know” that Waltraud Riegger Krausse has a webinar about the lymphatic system (i think you can still purchase and watch the replay )

  2. Kim McAlear

    I have a few things in my notes : helps rid of toxicity, brings life into body, balancing and purifying, helps with depression and phobias, feeling a lack, helps with lack of energy and is especially good to do mid-afternoon when one is craving a caffeine kick 🙂 . I find this also interesting: it is the main central vertical of text 2 ( organ functions)

  3. travelersguidetohealing

    Kim, thank you – that’s a lot of things that Bladder helps. I hadn’t heard of it being called the MC of Text 2. How interesting. Balancing and purifying especially resonate in my case.

  4. MK

    Look at p. 43 “All Combined Energy – Timing”, Mary’s Text Book 2 for connection between Bladder Flow & #13. Where is Thymus located? At 13 area, Thymus is very involved in immune system and is part of the lymphatic system.

    Astrologically Bladder is connected to Libra & #11 (15/2) so look for those attributes also.
    If one is continuously sneezing as in allergy, kidney flow is recommended. Astrologically Kidney flow is connected to #13. Bladder flow will help kidney also. Do not forget that 13 is related to all the finger flows ((Umbilicus, Small Intestine as well as Large Intestine).

    When 13 clears all the SELs above 13 will also clear (per Wayne).

  5. MK

    According to Chinese Cosmology we are under the influence of energy of #2 (color Blue, Trinity = 2, 11 & 20) from August 9 till September 23 and then at the time of Fall Equinox energy shifts to #7 for next 6 weeks or so. Chinese animal is metal yin -Rooster and the body part affected will be right thorax. Self Help for #7, #13 flow, kidney flow, lung flow as well as any 7 steps flow from Mary’s Text Books will be helpful.

  6. travelersguidetohealing

    An interesting connection to the seven. I am going to search out all 7-step flows in our textbooks just to see what they are. I was not familiar with Chinese Cosmology, thank you!

  7. MK

    This connection to 7 is through the Magic Square of Saturn. You may also want to study Magic Squares!

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