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Have you enjoyed my latest posts that blend Astrology and Jin Shin Jyutsu? Would you like to explore Astrological principles further? Get a better understanding of yourself? Learn how to use JSJ flows in harmony with the current astrological conditions?

I am starting a newsletter, Cycles, in which I will share insights every week. The Cycles Newsletter will be a weekly column regarding the current astrological influences. It will also include recommended JSJ flows for self-help.

I am also offering a complimentary copy of your natal chart for a limited time if you do not have one. Send me an email request with your birth date, time, and location using the contact page.

Did you know that you can get a consultation with me? Whether you wish to improve your self-help practice, tailor it to the current astrological events, or learn how astrology can help you understand yourself and make better decisions, I can help you. 


Do you want to follow the Astrological cycles and see how they correlate with your moods and thoughts? Subscribe to the Cycles Newsletter and get the complimentary booklet The Cycles of Life to jumpstart tracking the cycles of the Moon and Saturn.

Please note that the subscription process has two steps. After you put your information in the boxes below, you will receive an email from my newsletter service with a link to confirm your subscription. If you do not see that confirmation within a few minutes, check your spam/junk/promotional folder. Without the confirmation step, you will not receive the newsletter.

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  1. Diana Lotz

    Such a wonderful idea. Thank you Tatiana for the offer and also for your amazing blog and website. To me it’s the most helpful place to learn about JinShinJyutsu ( I have also participated in your Udemy Classes) and I am always looking forward to your posts.
    Love and blessings from Germany 💕, Diana

  2. Catherine Errico

    I like the way your website is formatted and is filled with helpful information. Thank you for sending out this notification of all you are offering. I am looking forward reading your future posts. In my lifetime, I do not think our world has ever needed this beautiful art of Jin Shin Jyutsu more to open hearts and raise the earth’s frequency with loving harmony.

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