This Way Or That Way?

A reader aptly pointed out last week that in the self-help for the Second Method Correction, I suggested the left hand be placed on the back at left SEL 2 while the right hand – on the left SEL 15. At the same time, we all know that in Text 1, p. 56, the anchor step for the Second Method calls actually for the left hand on left SEL 15 and the right hand on left SEL 2. So, which one is it, and does it matter?

There are actually two answers to that question as far as my understanding goes.

Yes, it does matter.

The energetic patterns of our left and right hands flow in a reversed manner [T1, p.9]. By placing one hand instead of the other, we actually work with reverse energetic patterns, and the invitation to harmony goes out in a different form. One placement will be the most efficient of all in inviting the harmony back into the body.

No. It doesn’t matter.

Regardless of the placement of the hands, however, harmony eventually will be restored even if it is not the most efficient way. More so, if the most efficient placement of hands calls for awkward or hard to reach positions, that will introduce stress and tension in the person applying JSJ. And stress and tension always diminish the benefits of a JSJ application.

The short answer is…

If you can, follow the placement and order as specified in our Textbooks. If you have the ’79 version [T79, p.34], you can even pay attention to the specific direction of fingers, palm, thumb, etc. I once asked my friend Marie-Reine to apply the Main Central sequence with directions, as given in T79, p.9. The symptoms of my lingering head cold disappeared after one application, and I got up the table cheerful and feeling great. I finally realized why there were people out there who would do the Main Center and the Main Central only as their daily practice.

If you are practicing self-help, however, place your hands in a manner that feels comfortable for a prolonged time. You might be able to reach left SEL 2 with your right hand for the Second Method Correction sequence, but the real question is, for how long can you keep it there without any effort or discomfort?

For the purpose of this site, I disregard any directions whenever I offer self-help sequences. Any reference to flow sequences that are applied on others comes from Mary Burmeister’s textbooks and it is best to follow the directions given there.

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