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This Way Or That Way?

A reader aptly pointed out last week that in the self-help for the Second Method Correction, I suggested the left hand be placed on the back at left SEL 2 while the right hand – on the left SEL 15. At the same time, we all know that in Text 1, p. 56, the anchor step for the Second Method calls actually for the left hand on left SEL 15 and the right hand on left SEL 2. So, which one is it, and does it matter? There are actually two answers to that question as far as my understanding

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Safety Energy Lock 6 to Keep Balance

In her Self Help books, Mary Burmeister gives SEL 6 as an aid for digestive discomforts. Have you ever experienced that effect of SEL 6? I just had a success clearing up my feeling of light-headedness and faintness by opening SEL 6. After all, the function of 6 is Balance, so it is a beautiful combination: “remove digestive discomforts and bring total balance.” Note that, I held 15 and 3 instead of 6, since I didn’t feel like reaching to my feet. But then again, that’s what M. Burmeister gives as an alternative for opening SEL 6. Let me know

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