Teeth: Front Teeth Trauma

Large Intestine Function Energy flows through the upper teeth. My daughter fell and hit her front baby tooth against the floor. A week or so later I notice a discoloration appearing in her front tooth. I did Large Intestine flow … Read More

Swelling: Hands swelling due to pregnancy

A woman reached out to me and asked for a JSJ flow that could help with her swollen hands due to advanced stage of pregnancy.  Bladder FE  self-help, both sides seemed to be a good flow since Bladder Function Energy  balances … Read More

Eye tearing in newborn babies.

I did the anchor step of Bladder FE:  Right hand on R12 and left hand on R25 and vice versa. I did that multiple times as I cradled my baby throughout the day. The tears disappeared by the second day. … Read More