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Mars in Our Lives

Mars stands for our passion in the natal chart. Mars’ sign and house placement hold the key to the issues and causes we feel passionate about. And because of this passion, we pour our energies over and over into that area of life. When I was born, Mars was in the area of the sky that corresponds to the beginning of Virgo. And Virgo energy is practical, logical, crafty, highly organized, efficient, and meticulous to a fault. Now you know what I am passionate about – efficiency. I detest and hate with passion inefficiency in any form and shape. Can

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6. Moon in Virgo – Small Intestine Function Energy

Order, Cleanliness, and Attention to Detail All work and no play is no fun. But all Leo fun and no time to tidy up quickly gets messy. The Moon just entered Virgo/Small Intestine, the energy that gives us the focus to tidy up and clean up all we didn’t feel like before. Virgo is very methodical and meticulous in its attention to detail. Overdone, it quickly takes us into the impossible corners of perfectionism and pedanticism. The gift of a harmonized Virgo energy is the ability to discern – to know when something is good enough. For the next two

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