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Deep Skin Descending Energy Follow up

Well, I did the flow for several days, and while no words or phrases came to mind, it felt great. Every time I palmed my calves, I felt energy movement in the coccyx area, and my feet relaxed and felt light. I haven’t noticed a visible improvement in my skin yet. 😊

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Deep Skin Descending Energy

Hi everyone! I have been moved to give myself the Deep Skin Descending Energy harmonizing sequence, even though I am unsure why. I see a few relations, but the picture does not feel complete. I am missing something. Here is what I have so far. Deep Skin is 2nd Depth, and we are in the middle of the Northern Fall season here in the Washington, DC, area. Deep Skin helps the skin and is considered the plastic surgeon of JSJ. I would certainly enjoy that as I am not getting any younger. 😀 Deep Skin helps with hot flashes and

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