Deep Skin Descending Energy

Hi everyone!

I have been moved to give myself the Deep Skin Descending Energy harmonizing sequence, even though I am unsure why. I see a few relations, but the picture does not feel complete. I am missing something. Here is what I have so far.

  • Deep Skin is 2nd Depth, and we are in the middle of the Northern Fall season here in the Washington, DC, area.
  • Deep Skin helps the skin and is considered the plastic surgeon of JSJ. I would certainly enjoy that as I am not getting any younger. 😀
  • Deep Skin helps with hot flashes and fevers as it cools the body. He-he-he, did I say I am not getting any younger? 😀😀😀
  • Deep Skin helps 5th Depth projects, but why?

What do you think? Please, share your notes, experience, and insights. I would love to hear them.

In the meantime, in the tradition of Lectio Divina I am going to apply the flow to myself in the upcoming days while pondering the flow’s meaning and function. Did you know in this mystical Christian practice, medieval monks would read one scriptural line and then meditate, reflect, and contemplate until they merged with it and got to the meaning beyond the words? Have you practiced Lectio Divina yourself?

I’ll let you know what comes from my meditations on the Deep Skin Descending Energy flow.

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  1. Sandra

    2nd and 5th depth are descending on the left side of the body, and 4st and 1th depth are ascending on the right side of the body
    3rd depth is the head

    imaginaire the lumbar circle for illustrating this mouvement from going up and down and then you see that 2nd and 5th depth are descending energy

  2. M K

    P. 45, Tx 2, here we use the fifth depth relationship to access the second depth – deep skin descending function energy, just as we use the fourth depth relationship to access the first depth on p. 44, Tx 2, Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy. (Wayne)

    I believe the answer lies in Tx1, p. 41- 45, “Relation of Toes – Fingers and Chest – Back”. One needs to ponder on these pages!
    Look at the 5 lines on p. 43, Tx 1, compare them to the 5 lines on p. 45, Tx2.
    Tx1, p. 41-45 relationship is at the Supervisor level, same side fingers to same side toes.

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