The Big Boss!

Saturn is the ruler of the material world. He knows the rules and how to use them to his advantage! Where you find Saturn in your chart, that is where you are required to show up, meet your obligations, do your duties, and work toward success. He is an exacting taskmaster but very clear in his expectations. Everybody who shows up and does the work gets the reward. There are no favorites, better or lesser students. In Saturn’s grade book, the only grade is the participatory grade.

If you meet his demands, you will receive praise and recognition. And be relieved of further duties! Mind you, Saturn will then heap other duties, but that is because he knows you have grown and now you could do so much more. 🙂 You are held to high standards, with no excuses or shortcuts allowed.

Saturn in the Natal Chart

Watch this CLIP from our Astrology for Self-Awareness class for a brief overview of Saturn in the natal chart.

Saturn in Our Lives

Transiting Saturn

As Saturn traverses the sky, 29 years for a complete circle, it brings a sense of duty, discipline, and eventually release of outgrown habits to each part of the chart and its corresponding concerns.

The 29-Year Cycle