Practitioner, Teacher, Consultant, Coach, or …?

I have been struggling with how to label myself. Nine months of the year, I am a professor of physics. So, that is easy. What about my non-academic pursuits, however?

When I started working with clients, I called myself a JSJ practitioner. But then, my penchant for teaching proved too strong, and I ended up offering classes and consultations rather than sessions. When people started asking for astrology readings, I thought I should call myself an astrologer. Only, I did not care much for mainstream astrology. I never wanted to dump an enormous amount of arbitrary information onto the poor unsuspecting client and leave them to their own devices. On the contrary, I wanted to show them that there was a pattern to life, to give them the means to cope, and to boost their confidence in decision-making. And that made me a coach.

What can I say? I love coaching. There is magic in the air when two people meet in an earnest attempt to solve a problem. I am a big fan of the “where two or three are gathered together in my name….” Do you know what I am talking about? Have you experienced this effect? I love it when clients come with specific issues, we end up unexpectedly exploring something completely different, and they love it.

So, I took some formal coach training, joined an organization and a couple of local groups, and started hanging out with other coaches. I did not fit there, either! I was the only one combining JSJ, astrology, the knowledge of spiritual and physical laws, and coaching into a coherent practice. I was back to my unique square without a proper label for myself or my practice. 

As I was listening to a webinar presenter on self-publishing last week, I was struck with a realization, He, too, had his own unique combination of consultations, classes, writings, etc. And he wasn’t disturbed by his multi-faceted approach to business. Instead, he owned it and called himself an entrepreneur!?!

Really? Is that what an entrepreneur is? I always pictured entrepreneurs the likes of Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Have I been wrong all along?

What do you think? Shall I call myself an entrepreneur and stop fretting about labeling and fitting in? Help me out and vote here.

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  1. James David Myers

    You really don’t need a label you do what you do to help people. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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