Traveler’s Reorganization

Hello everyone!

Just a quick a note that I have re-organized the TravelersGuideToHealing site. You still have all the JSJ information, but now it is under Learn from the top menu.

Did you know that you can get a consultation with me? Whether you wish to improve your self-help practice, tailor it to the current astrological events, or learn how astrology can help you understand yourself and make better decisions, I can help you. 


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  1. Yolanda Kalb

    Glad we have connected.
    I will look at your new menu. Sounds like a project I’m also working on.

    I would like to connect with you as we have some of the same ideas with connecting Jin shin Jyutsu and astrology. This process for me has come about rather organically. Well, it been a long time I’ve been studying both.

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