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TGH Classes for May 2023

It is summertime, or, at least, it is so for me! My physics classes at the college are at their end, and I am switching to summer mode with more non-physics activities – classes, book writing, creative projects, travel, and exciting adventures. Our Cycles Newsletter will also change back to a once-a-week schedule. After a busy and fruitful April, when I had events four weekends in a row, I am taking May for some winding down, reflection, and goal-setting. Synchronistically, this falls right with our current Mercury retrograde period. Mercury will stay retrograde until May 14 but won’t be back

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TGH Class Updates

I have updated the website with the current schedule of classes and posted it on the Classes page. Changes Class  I am in the last stages of developing a self-paced class on Changes. I offered the class last September, but some said you could not attend due to time conflicts. Now, you can watch the materials at your own pace and ask any questions in our monthly lab class. Stay tuned! Cycles Lab I love labs! Less theory and more practice. I am happy to answer your questions and show you how to apply the astrological principles to fine-tune your

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TGH Cycles Lab

Hello, everyone! SEL 1 and 2 are frequently done in combination, but what does SEL 2 do on its own? Saturn and Uranus are as different as can be and yet share the same end goal. All the Tarot knights are symbols of a messenger, but a messenger of what? If you have pondered these or similar questions, join me on a journey of self-discovery. We’ll root our explorations in the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Astrology but will expand onto topics from Tarot, I Ching, physics, metaphysics, the non-dualistic teachings of the world, and much more. I like

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