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New Self-Paced Online Class: TGH Changes

Did you miss the Webinar Changes last summer? Have you been waiting for me to offer it again so you can take it this time? I am excited to announce the completion of a three-month-long project. Based on last summer’s Changes Webinar, I created a video series consisting of seven videos of just over five hours. Here is its dedicated webpage: TGH Know Yourself Series: Changes As with any new project, there will be a bumpy time until I iron out any glitches, typos, or other hiccups accompanying the launch of any new project. So, instead of sitting at home

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Changes Are Upon Us

Hello, everyone! Changes are upon the globe. Where is the liberating effect of Uranus playing in your chart? Is the non-negotiable transformation that Pluto brings happening in a sensitive spot? What can you do about it? Find out the answers to these and more questions in this webinar. As always, we’ll integrate the knowledge of universal laws, astrological insights, and JSJ practice to find out the best practices to live with less effort. You get a copy of the presentation, unlimited access to the webinar recording, a personal 10-min astrological reading, and a month of email support for follow-up questions. I

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