Know Yourself Series – Cycles 101

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Come and learn your seasons and how to make the best of them. This is part 1 of a series of classes introducing the fundamentals of the Astrological symbols and principles.

I offer the class in two formats. Both classes give you unlimited access to all class video materials.

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Class Description

This is a beginner class – you do not need any prior astrological knowledge. It introduces the fundamental astrological symbols and principles. The class is practical and interactive. We’ll start with a 30-min lecture followed by Q&A and practice with your charts. I’ll do a brief reading of one chart (from the students in the class) as a demonstration of the principles.

The class meets once a week over six consecutive weeks. All classes are held over the Internet via Zoom. Students will have access to recording of each lecture after the class. For time, availability, pricing, and registering, click here.

Preview of Selected Class Materials

The Natal Chart and the Whole-sign Division

The planets in your chart

The Conjunction

The Opposition

The Trine Aspect

Class Topics

Week 1: Saturn – Your Inner Critic

We will introduce the twelve zodiacal energies and the symbol of Saturn. Each student will look at the location of Saturn in their natal chart and place it in the context of their corresponding sign.

Focus: What does the position of Saturn mean for you? How can you respond to it constructively?

Week 2: The Moon – There is always comfort

Moon in the zodiacal signs shows what comforts our emotional needs. We’ll look at the Lunar nodes as symbols of our accomplishments and vision board for the future.

Focus: How can we comfort ourselves during times of emotional turmoil? What skills do we bring from the past and what is our life goal?

Week 3: The Sun – Your Inner Star

The Sun is our inner star. The more closely we are aligned with its energy, the stronger we feel in ourselves – we do not need external validation, instead people look up to us for leadership. The sign rising on the horizon at your birth (the Ascendant) tells the most comfortable outfit for us to present ourselves. This is also how others see us as well at first sight.

Focus: What is our natural way to shine and lead? How do others view me when they see me for the first time? What energy helps me hit the ground running?

Week 4: Mercury, Venus, and Mars – Communicate your values with passion

We’ll explore Mars, Venus, and Mercury’s positions as the focal points for going about with daily life and dealing with others.

Focus: How do I stand up for myself or for others? What is my passion for doing things? How do I learn and communicate? What do I value and how do I connect with others?

Week 5: Jupiter and Saturn – Opportunity meets hard work

Jupiter’s placement is a focus of expansion and unbridled optimism. Saturn’s, on the other hand, shows where our hard work will be rewarded. The two provide counterbalance with each other. The challenge is to make them bring forth their strengths and not to pander to each other’s weaknesses.

Focus: What is the best way to integrate Jupiter and Saturn’s influences in my chart? Where am I naturally an optimist?

Week 6: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – You are more than what you think

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto bring up issues of freedom, power, transformation, and spirituality.

Focus: Where do you usually see changes in your life? What is the footprint for your transformation? Where does your inspiration come from?