What do I do for…

What do we do for specific conditions? The world is mental as The Kybalion tells us. Until we change our mental attitudes, there can never be true healing. In the meantime, why not try some harmonizing flows that have proved useful and helpful in various situations time and again. Here are some of those that I have come across. [read more]

Fingers and Toes

There are so many wonderful relationships involving our fingers and toes. This page is a summary of everything I know so far. [read more]

Eight Mudras

The Mudras are finger postures originating in the yogic traditions of the Indian subcontinent. Eight of those mudras helped Jiro Murai heal himself and formed the basis of the healing art he went on to establish as Jin Shin Jyutsu. They are powerful, they are safe, and they are life-transforming. [read more]

Three Method Corrections

Each of these three flows can be a life-changing experience according to Jiro Murai. [read more]

Special Body Function Energy

They are quick, they are short, and they are handy. [read more]

Thumb and Little Finger

Great quick and easy flows for someone who is not accessible much – at a hospital, injured, immobile, not being able to lie down, etc. [read more]