Fatigue due to travel and jet lag

  • I do the Mudras [T1, p.47; TH, p. 145 – 151; SH 3, p. 10 – 16]. Each one of them is a quickie for the Fatigue flow and helps me avoid fatigue associated with travel and jet lag. 
  • I’ve met people who travel long-distance frequently and recommend the SEL 10 Eye flow for jet lag [T1, p. 24].
  • A good alternative is to harmonize the 12-Organ Function Energy according to the local time of your destination. For example, if you are travelling to Singapore, and the local time in Singapore right now is 2 pm, give yourself Small Intestine. After 2 hours, give yourself Bladder, and then after another 2 hours do the Kidney Function Energy harmonizing sequence. You can continue doing so until you arrive at your destination.