Left Index Finger on both superficial and deep levels.

Open Safety Energy Lock 6. SEL 6 is the Governor of Respiration and has a deep relation to both aspects of 2nd Depth: Lung and Large Intestine. Both harmonizing sequences for the Lung and the Large Intestine include six steps.

Right Index Finger, “Thin” Gummy Texture

“Thin” gummy texture in the right index finger both on the superficial and deep level. The right index finger “listens” for the 5th Depth aspecs: Small Intestine and Heart Function Energy. The Gummy texture relates to 1st Depth. Perhaps, causes … Read More

Gall Bladder and Small Intestine

If you want to help both Gall Bladder and Small Intestine Function Energy, hold the ring finger. The ring finger harmonizes Thoracic Verterbra 10 and Lumbar Verterbra 4 which correspond to Gall Bladder and Small Intestine, respectively [T1,  p. 38]

Index Fingers And 2nd Depth Texture

First Method Correction clears up Bust line (index fingers) and also helps Surface Function Energy comprised of 1st and 2nd Depth Energy [T1, p55; T2, p4]  

L&R Superficial I.F. – L&R Deep R.F.

SEL 13. “Intermingling of Umbilicus, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Main Central Vertical Flows” [T1, p. 28]. All three correspond to one of the fingers indicated in the pulse: Large and Small Intestine are the Index Finger on the superficial level, … Read More

L&R Superficial I.F. – L&R Deep I.F.

Left and Right Superficial Index and Deep Index Fingers:  Bust Line both on superficial and deep. 1st Method of Correction. It clears up the entire Bust Line [T1, p.55] SEL 4 Flow.  “4 affects 13 and 10″ [T1, p.18]