Pain in hand, wrist, and arm

SEL 17. After a whole day working at the computer, I found myself unable to fall asleep due to strong pains in my hand, wrist and up along the arm. Holding SEL 17 with the other hand helped remove the painful … Read More

Fatigue due to travel and jet lag

I do the Mudras [T1, p.47; TH, p. 145 – 151; SH 3, p. 10 – 16]. Each one of them is a quickie for the Fatigue flow and helps me avoid fatigue associated with travel and jet lag.  I’ve … Read More

Eyes: Tired eyes

I place my right hand on L21 and my left hand on high R4.  I do both sides [SH2, p. 19]  The side of SEL 21 determines which eye is being helped. High SEL 4 is slightly above the regular SEL … Read More